Agency for Food Safety has strong co-operative and ethical values that influence the company and the way we run our businesses:


  • Self-help-we help people to help themselves.
  • Self-responsibility - we take responsibility for, and answer to our actions.
  • Democracy-we give our members a say in the way we run our businesses.
  • Equity - we carry our business in a way that is fair and unbiased.
  • Solidarity - we share interests and common purposes with our clients and other partners.

    The following is available through Agency for Food Safety either directly or by association:

    1. Food legislation advisory services
    2. Export approval process consultation, assessment, pre-audit or designated approval audit.*
    3. Designated legal compliance audits*: Act 40 / 2000, R962, VPN04 - ostrich farms; VPN05 - wild game farms; VPN08&09 - wild game harvesting; VPN20 - dairy products; VPN 42 - pork imports ( 'PRRS') or applicable EC regulations, decisions and directives ( EU exports ), etc.
    4. Reference service for abattoir condemnations and other technical matters.
    5. Assistance with retail related matters, e.g. queries, audits, claims, etc.
    6. External examination for tertiary institutions or other professional bodies.
    7. BLNS Standard Operating Procedure
      1. Implementation
      2. First Line Auditing*

    *Subject to DAFF Official Approval


    In the company structure of Agency for Food Safety our personnel competency is enhanced by the following standards training:

    1. ISO 19011 Lead Auditor ( FSMS)
    2. ISO 22000 Auditor
    3. BRC 3rd Party Auditor
    4. ISO 9001 Internal Auditor
    5. PRP ( SANS 10049 ) and HACCP ( SANS 10330 / BRC HACCP intermediary )
    6. ISO 17020 awareness

    Auditors of Agency for Food Safety hold valid registration numbers with internationally recognized auditing certification authorities under the Food Safety Management Systems ( FSMS ) schemes for the following food­ stuff sectors:

    1. Raw red meat
    2. Raw poultry
    3. Raw prepared products, e.g. retail butchery, curing, processing, vacuum packing, etc.
    4. Dairy and dairy based processed products, e.g. ice cream, powdered milk, butter, etc.
    5. Cooked meat and fish products
    6. Raw cured and / or fermented meat and fish
    7. Animal farming ( animal health )
    8. Transport, storage, distribution and wholesale
    9. Pet food ( other than canned )

    Additional sector experience available:

    1. Oils and fats, e.g. mayonnaise ( oil based food products )
    2. Dairy farming, e.g. milking parlours
    3. Poultry ( shell egg / avian health )
    4. Feed production ( including carcass rendering - sterilization plants, feed mills)
    5. Specialized ingredients, e.g. enzymes, active food ingredients
    6. Animal by-products, e.g. tanneries, feathers, egg shells, intermediate hide and skins stores, taxidermy


    • Openness - nobody's perfect, and we won't hide it when we're not.
      Honesty-we are honest about what we do and the way wedo it.
    • Social responsibility - we encourage people to take responsibility for their own community, and work together to improve it.
    • Caring for others - we believe in getting actively involved with local community groups and charity actions in areas where services are delivered